Gravel driveway installation in Dublin

Gravel driveways are a great affordable option for any style of a driveway. Fast to install, long term, durable and more affordable than paving or tarmac. We offer a range of gravel driveway installations options that include extending, replacing or installing new gravel driveways. Experienced gravel contractors in Dublin that have been operating in Dublin over 20 years and we are able to give tours of previous installations that were carried out by ourselves, going back 15 years or more.

Gravel Driveway Experts

Choosing the right contractor to install a new driveway or replacing your old with gravel can have a big impact on the longevity of your driveway and the actual finished quality of the installation. An experienced driveway contractor like Phoenix Driveways, can make a big difference. We source only quality gravel stone for your driveway and will provide you samples of the gravel ranging in colour and size to allow you to pick a suitable for your home.

If you choose us, we can assure you by providing examples of work and through talking to previous clients, you are getting a skilled and long term business that will install your gravel driveway in a manufactured approved manner. The finished quality of our work has been recommended by many previous clients and suppliers as well. Experienced tarmac contractors and paving contractors for Dublin.

We follow an approved gravel installation routine when we install a driveway for installing a gravel driveway:

The original driveway will be removed and any custom tailoring to the design of it and shape of it, including extending it, will be done during this procedure.

We will install a new base once we have removed the old driveway area. Normally the depth of the excavation once the driveway has been removed should be around 10 inches.

A new base of crushed permeable stone will be installed which we will machine roll with a 10 tonne roller to ensure its compacted solid. A 6 inch base is normally the recommend minimum to ensure no subsidence and adequate drainage.

Drainage for your driveway will be taken into consideration to ensure no pooling, we will install drainage on your driveway if required.

Membrane sheeting will be installed at this stage to prevent weed growth.

If you opted for stabilizer’s for your gravel, we will install them at this stage.

Any extra features for your gravel driveway will be handled at this stage, for example, your border which can be standard concrete kerbing, granite set border or standard paving border.

The edging or border will need to be benched in concrete to ensure it does not move over time.

The gravel finishing course will be installed on the driveway which we will wash down and lightly roll to a solid finish.

Owing to permeable nature of gravel, drainage is rarely required but if we will that water will be a problem, we will set the base of the driveway to direct the way to drainage.



If you would like to discuss our driveway services in Dublin, give us a call today. We offer free estimates and will always deal with every customer enquiry promptly, politely and in a friendly manner.

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