Driveway Extensions Dublin

Extend your existing driveway using block paving. If you already have a driveway area and would like to extend it, we recommend picking block paving in Dublin. The reasons for doing so are simple. If its a tarmac driveway, concrete or block paving, the new extension will look different than the existing driveway. With tarmac, it can look patchy, the same as concrete. With paving, you can get a block paving border to separate the old from the new and alter the pattern.


This will make it look like a deliberate choice and make the driveway stand out without making it look like a cheap extension. With paving you also will get a better link up with the old driveway as paving provides a solid function on its own and can be joined into any existing surface seamlessly. We provide driveway extensions at a great price in Dublin. If you would like a free quote, call us today to book yours! We can go through your options and provide you with quotes on paving, tarmac, gravel or concrete for your driveway extension.




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