Block paving a driveway in Dublin

Block paving features or if you would like to call it, added features include a wide variety of choices. You have options on step installations, types of edging, various paving circles and all different types of paving borders you can add to your standard driveway paving in Dublin, to make it stand out. During our free visit, we can discuss the many available options and give you examples of each.

Here we will highlight some of the options available to help you make a decision on which ones you would like:


Steps can built with block kerbs or with paving. They are generally available in any paving colour or style. We recommend choosing a colour to make it stand out. Normally a colour matching your border. You can choose to have multiple steps, a large square step or you can choose a circular step at your home.



Here are some examples of the various types of borders installed in multiple ways, ranging from cobble set borders to stand 9 inch borders. Options on elevating the border and providing unique options to make them stand out.




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